Jeffrey Santa Ana

Associate Professor, Department of English

Jeffrey Santa Ana is Associate Professor of English at Stony Brook University, the State University of New York.  He has research interests in Asian American and Asian-Pacific diaspora studies, critical race studies, postcolonial studies, gender and sexuality, environmental humanities, and memory studies. He is the author of Racial Feelings: Asian America in a Capitalist Culture of Emotion (Temple University Press, 2015). Santa Ana is currently working on a new book titled Postcolonial Environmental Imagination: Ecologies of Memory in the Asian-Pacific Diaspora, which explores environmental crisis and remembering the natural world in postcolonial Asian-Pacific cultural works (literature, memoir, graphic narrative, and film). The book investigates these works’ depictions of environmental metaphors for remembering origins, place, and histories of imperialism amid a global ecological crisis that impels migration and diaspora in the Asia-Pacific region. Santa Ana’s teaching focuses on human migration and diaspora, postcolonial studies and globalization, gender and sexuality (queer studies), environmental humanities, memory studies, and Asian American and Asian-Pacific literature. In his teaching, Santa Ana aims to raise critical awareness of globalization issues in relation to the social, historical, and economic forces that shape and determine the experiences of immigrants and migrant people, forces that inform their writings and cultural expressions. He teaches texts and visual materials from diverse genres in literature and cultural studies. He pursues comparative analysis because he believes that literary and cultural studies work best when they are in a dialogic relationship with texts and visual materials within and beyond Western culture in national and transnational contexts. Santa Ana is the recipient of the Dean’s Award for Excellence in Graduate Teaching and the Faculty Diversity Program Award from Diversity and Educational Equity, SUNY.