Peg Christoff

Senior Lecturer, Asian and Asian American Studies

As part of my commitment to global citizenship, I strive to introduce opportunities for students to examine non-Western ideas and concepts in Asia and Asian American Studies. I use multiple formats to introduce students to writing and producing short plays and newscasts, conducting oral history interviews, and developing their own online Asian artifact collections and posters for public display. Since we have a diverse student body at Stony Brook University, I encourage students to engage in peer-to-peer learning in the contexts of individual and group research projects.

My teaching philosophy fundamentally encourages students to take risks and explore different learning formats. I hope that a variety of forms of engagement will inspire students to look for life paths that have been around for thousands of years (and often are forgotten) and for those that have yet to be created. My published research addresses global citizenship in the areas of migration and displacement, cultural preservation, social transformation, and the changing roles of women.

I embrace the multi-disciplinary context and consequences of global mobility in three ways: through collaborative field research in Asian communities relating to local women’s involvement in climate change adaptation; by enhancing pedagogical practices and student service projects to highlight the dynamic and changing qualities of Asian America, Asia, and US-Asian relations; and by designing and promoting high-quality digital collections to ensure that research materials are publicly and widely available (See and

Among the courses I teach are American Poets and China, America’s Wars in Asia (cross-listed with Political Science), Ethnicity and Ecology in China (cross-listed with Anthropology), Introduction to Asian Studies, Revolutionary China (cross-listed with History), Science and Civilization in China, and Women in U.S.-Asian Relations (cross-listed with Political Science).