Erlik talks about the revelations of world literature, life among international students at Stony Brook, and his plans to work as a civil engineer on international collaborations, including in his hometown of Bangkok, Thailand.


Alice, president of UNICEF-Stony Brook, tells about her work reaching out to communities throughout the world, supporting initiatives that range from helping children in Syria to fighting leukemia.


Hareem is a recent graduate of Stony Brook, and an aspiring teacher. She describes global citizenship as an openness to other life experiences. She hopes to bring her multicultural background and education into the classrooms of New York City public schools.


Elianny comes from Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. She talks about her move to the United States four years ago and how it continues to shape her identity and her aspirations.


Emily shares her love of literature, ancient philosophy, and theater, while connecting these interests to the idea of global citizenship. She talks about how texts and performances afford us access to different languages and traditions, broadening our horizons.


Justin speaks from his viewpoint as an avid reader of world literature. In his experience, writings from around the world expose us to other cultures and keep us informed when it comes to interacting within a diverse student population..


Jasna shares her perspective on being a graduate student, an artist, a photographer, and an instructor at Stony Brook. She talks about how her artwork reflects her identity as a citizen of the world.